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US Amarillo® VGXP01

Hop Varieties

Virgil Gamache Farms, Inc. grows a large selection of high quality aroma hop varieties for craft brewers. Check the following chart for interesting facts about the growing region, alpha and beta acid, oil range and aroma profiles of each variety. Together, these varieties offer an broad spectrum of aromas and flavors. In addition, careful cultivation and precisely timed harvesting brings the qualities of these special hop varieties to their highest potential. So set your brewing creativity loose with these premium hop varieties! Virgil Gamache and our partner farmers are proud to grow these aroma hops in the Yakima Valley of Washington and prime locations in Idaho, Oregon and five states in Germany. All in all, they add excitement through their genetic strain, growing region and advanced cultivation practices. Take action! Click here to request samples of German Amarillo®  or to find a distributor near you!

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Alpha (%)

7 - 11%

Beta (%)

5.5 - 8%

Total Oil (mg/100g)

1 - 2.3 ml/100g


Grapefruit, Stone fruit, orange, lemon

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