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Tardif de Bourgogne

Tardif is a rare exception within the current hop pantheon.  This is an ethereal hop, whose aroma is gentle and refined.  Having top notes of pine, frankincense and rose petals. It is a great alternative for those whose palates are dank and bleary, from the current onslaught of the sweet and heavy.  Tardif de Bourgogne is an old school French noble varietal that was commercially successful in lager beers prior to the introduction of the popular French Strisselspalt.  It’s name loosely translates to “late harvest of burgundy.”


Alpha (%)

2.6 - 4.3%

Beta (%)

4.2 - 4.5%

Total Oil (mg/100g)

0.5 - 0.9 ml/100g


Floral, Red Berry, Green Tea

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