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Current Innovations

VGF works collaboratively with growers and brewers alike to identify areas of improvement in the industry. Our innovations are geared toward streamlining processes both on the farm and in the brewhouse. Listed below are some of the current innovations we have sponsored.

HopTechnics™ Lot Selection App

A tool designed with the brewer in mind, making it easier than ever for an off-premise brewer to select hops. The innovative brewer can select from individual hop lots with nuanced aroma driven by terroir and harvest maturity window.


A multi-faceted innovation featuring a flexible package design geared toward the emerging craft and homebrew markets. As an added bonus, our innovations team has refined the extraction process to create a product that is flowable at or below 20°C.


A very specific but important update to the heart and soul of every hop harvester; the picking finger. Our engineering changes made to the design doubles the picking finger life in our unique harvesters and significantly decreases the amount of maintenance required during the harvest season.

Ale Plane

A microjet built by Bernard Gamache and piloted by Lt. Col. Justin Lewis. Check it out in flight on the airshow circuits or on the link below.

Sometimes innovation is just folding some paper.... Stay tuned for our next projects!