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Auxiliary Growers

A significant portion of the annual Amarillo® hop production is grown outside of the home ranch. This grower diversity provides an excellent range in terroir as well as providing ample geographic protection from unanticipated climatic events. Our partner farms are independently owned and operated by reputable individuals that we have known for a number of years. These farms are located in the tri-state area of the Pacific Northwest; as well as multiple regions across Hallertau, Tettnang, Spalt and Elbe-Saale in Germany. Our partner growers are members of the industry who excel in their craft. These growers have a deep love and understanding for the land they cultivate and have a passion for growing hops that is reflected in their stewardship practices and the quality of their Amarillo®. Additionally, each of these growers participates in the only brand-specific, industry-wide quality control program Hoptechnic®. This quality program helps ensure that their Amarillo® are harvested at the ideal time so the final product shines through the beer.

Below are links to the social media pages of a number Amarillo® auxiliary growers:

Loza Farms - @lozafarms
Double R Hop Ranches - @doublerhop
Roy Farms - @royfarms_hops
Puterbaugh Hop Farm - @hopsdirect
Crosby Hop Farm
Coleman Agriculture
Gooding Farms @goodingfarms
Obendorf Hop, Inc @obendorfhop
Audi Schapfl - @audischapfl
Marion Pichlmeyer- @maroni_pi
Florian Seitz - @f_seitz
Johannes Hagl - @hagljohannes
Elizabeth Randlkofer - @71bella03
Bartholomäus Obster - @barthobster